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Psychotherapy is a specific set of interventions that is unique for each individual. It is designed to enhance the client's social interactions, mood, functioning, sense of well-being and often safety in the community. Treatment approaches use the latest developments in the field and have measurable outcomes.


Among the types of treatment offered by Progressive Therapy Systems are:

  • General Psychotherapy- group, individual, marital, and family.
  • Sexual Behavior
  • Sex-offense-specific therapy (pursuant to Colorado SOMB)
  • Anger Management
  • Childhood Behaviors
  • Interpersonal Boundaries
  • Sexual Problems involving Electronic Media-A specialized treatment program devised from original, recently published research conducted at Progressive Therapy. This program may include the required offense-specific treatment as well as an adjunct treatment to address issues related to sexual compulsivity, pornography and chat room dependency, and "sexual addiction."
  • "Pornography Addiction" A recently published study by Progressive Therapy Associates found that that Internet chat room sex offenders constitute a group characterized by less severe criminogenic factors than other sex offenders (rapists, child molesters). It can be hypothesized that chat room sex offenders avoid relationships and spend a significant amount of time in online chat rooms as a primary social and sexual outlet, and engage in other sexually compulsive behaviors. (Read more . . . )
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