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Local, State, and National organizations and resources to guide and inform the public and professionals.

The Abel Assessment for sexual interest-2™ (AASI-2) is a comprehensive evaluation and treatment tool that provides baseline data, treatment planning guidance, and evaluation of progress throughout the treatment process . . . The Abel Assessment (AASI-2)

ATSA was founded to foster research, facilitate information exchange, further professional education and provide for the advancement of professional standards and practices in the field of sex offender evaluation and treatment . . . ATSA

The Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance (COVA) is committed to fairness and healing for crime victims, their families and communities through leadership, education, and advocacy . . . COVA

CMRPI. It is estimated that at least two out of every ten girls and one out of every ten boys are sexually abused by the end of their 13th year. To protect all children, we first need to learn the facts . . . CMRPI

The Mental Health Licensing Section is comprised of six (6) different Boards/Programs. They include the Psychologist Examiners Board, the Licensed Professional Counselor Examiners Board, the Social Work Examiners Board, the Marriage and Family Therapist Examiners Board, the Grievance Board for Unlicensed Psychotherapists (Database), and the Addiction Counselor Certification and Licensure Program . . . Colorado DORA

The Office of Domestic Violence and Sex Offender Management is part of the Division of Criminal Justice, under the command of the Colorado Department of Public Safety and administers the Domestic Violence and Sex Offender Management Boards and their respective legislatively mandated work . . . SOMB

The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality is dedicated to advancing knowledge of sexuality. To acquire that knowledge the Society requires freedom of inquiry, support for research, and an interdisciplinary network of collaborating scholars. The Society believes in the importance of both the production of quality research and the application of sexual knowledge in educational, clinical, and other settings . . . SSSS

FDA approved penile plethysmograph (PPG). A fully integrated system, it includes software, stimulus materials, hardware, and 4 day comprehensive training in clinical interpretation and administration. MONARCH 21™ is the result of more than forty years of innovation, clinical trial, scientific research and integration in the fields of sexual offender assessment and treatment. . . . PPG

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