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Psychotherapy is a specific set of interventions that is unique for each individual. It is designed to enhance the client's social interactions, mood, functioning, sense of well-being and often safety in the community . . . More

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Evaluation Services

It is our philosophy that through expert clinical intervention and assessment the lives of individuals are enhanced and the safety of the community improved.


Various entities often need to be aware of the mental health issues that people are encountering. Through our assessment techniques we can accurately diagnose these difficulties and communicate them in a way that is understandable to both the interventionist and the client.

Children and Adult Behavioral Issues

Adults and children can suffer from disruptions associated with mental health disorders. These need to be identified so that appropriate treatment can follow.

Children and Adult Sexual Problems

Often people exhibit perplexing sexual behaviors that are not well understood. Through our evaluation process we determine the cause, extent, ramifications and solutions.

Psycho-Sexual Evaluations

This is often requested by the courts or other government entities for the purpose of understanding & identifying sexual misconduct, to make an assessment of risk presented by that individual, and to identify relevant treatment strategies. These evaluations conform with Colorado SOMB Standards & Guidelines.

Abel Assessment (AASI)

This test is used to determine sexual interest. It may be used as part of Psychosexual evaluation or may be performed for a mental health professional in the context of a client evaluation.

Penile Plethysmography

This is a measurement paradigm used in assessing sexual arousal. Limestone Technologies PPG is a state-of-the-art, evidenced-based protocol which is widely used as a sexual arousal assessment to determine a client's sexual interests and preferences. As a part of that assessment we have a library of over 100 stimuli segments which can involve a standardized stimuli set or a more specialized stimuli presentation. Assessments can involve "neutral" or "baseline" or an Intervention PPG as a biofeedback instrument.

Risk and Threat Assessments

This type of assessment is used to determine the level of risk presented by a particular individual. The risk might be in the areas of sex, violence, self-harm or other threatening actions.

Competency Evaluation

State and local courts often require the establishment of competency for judicial proceedings. PTS assessment team meets this need.

Psychological Testing

May be desired for a number of reasons and difficulties. Common areas tested are: cognitive function, intelligence, personality profile, vocational aptitudes, educational. Tests are performed by a licensed psychologist.

Consultation on Difficult Cases

Staff are available for expert review and interpretation of existing case data, in order to refine questions and develop solutions.