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About Us

Dr. WT Simon

Dr. Walter Simon has been in continuous clinical practice for 30 years. Eight years before Colorado became the first state to enact laws requiring DNA from sex offenders, Dr. Simon was emerging as an expert in the delivery of mental health services to this population.

Progressive Therapy Systems (PTS) grew with the emerging field. The firm developed and evolved, continually innovating along with societal standards and expectations. Starting in a small house, PTS has grown to have 3 metro locations providing services throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

Progressive Therapy Systems is comprised of a group of licensed mental-health professionals: clinical social workers, profesional counsellors, and psychologists. Over three decades Progressive Therapy Systems has evolved to become one of Denver's most active mental health services training conduits for educational communities including The University of Colorado, University of Denver, Metropolitan State College, Naropa, and The University of Phoenix. The company has developed connections with and between community networks including mental health delivery systems, professional associations, universities, regulatory bodies, human services and the criminal justice system. Today these bonds and interconnections reach from the municipal to the Federal level.

"Transparency and scrutiny build interactions with trust." - Dr. W. T. Simon